Tuition:  $3200.00
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 includes all training, materials, IKYTA Membership for one year and Yogi Tea throughout the training.  Accommodations need to be booked separately. 

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In this comprehensive training, participants will:

​Be exposed to the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and the technology he shared to physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually live in harmony and balance;

Learn the historical and spiritual origins of Kundalini Yoga;

Awaken consciousness through the Yoga of sound, meditation, and breath;
Learn Yogic philosophy, Yogic lifestyle, and the Western and Yogic principles surrounding the miracle of the body;
Learn the protocols, methodology, and technique for teaching Yoga;

Practice facilitating Kundalini Yoga Kriyas and Meditations in supervised instructional sessions;

Develop a personal yogic practice to transform, and enrich all aspects of your life.

The Aquarian Teacher program is designed to give you “hands on” experience of your highest consciousness and teaches a method by which you can achieve the sacred purpose of your life.

It's universal and nondenominational.

Schedule Level One Immersion Program

Live     in Bigfork, MT
              Nov 1 - 7 2021
Online  Feb 11-13  2022
               Mar 11 - 13  2022
Live    in Bigfork, MT  
            April 17 - 23  2022

Teacher Trainers​ ​

The Aquarian Teacher™ KRI Level One Teacher Training Program

IKYTA Membership
Membership for one year in the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (IKYTA) is included in your registration fee. Once you have received your Level 1 certification, you will automatically be upgraded from Associate Member to a Professional Member of IKYTA, and will be listed in the Online Teacher’s Directory to receive referrals for your Kundalini Yoga classes.

Materials include a 450 page, two-volume manual, the most complete work ever assembled on Kundalini Yoga, which is an invaluable tool for self-learning and teaching. 

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